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Professional services packages include high-quality resources and industry-leading methodology to ensure successful implementation of your virtual contact center.

The Ultimate Contact Center Solution

Lower Your Costs, Pay As You Grow

Balance your need to contain costs with your need to maintain a great customer experience by leveraging the power of the Gravis Apps cloud technology for your contact center. With our managed services, we handle everything for you so you can focus on the things that matter most.

No Hardware

No clunky equipment taking up space, not to mention expensive to maintain.

Attractive User Interface

Having an attractive and modern user interface makes navigating a breeze.

Fast Integration

Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can easily scale as needed.

Your #1 Choice

Triple Agent Talk Time & Productivity!

Studies indicate that the Gravis Apps Predictive Dialer triples talk time, with agents talk time skyrocketing from 15 minutes per hour with manual dialing to 46 minutes per hour. GravisApps IVR enables you to cut costs by automating routine calls. This allows your agents to focus their time and energy on higher-value interactions.

Omnichannel Contact Center Solutions.

Custom Apps

Fully customize applications based on your business needs and specifications.

Intelligent IVR

Reduce staffing costs by allowing calls to be made and/or handled automatically.

Digital Engagement

You will be able to reach out to your customers across Email, Phone and more, from one place.

Automate Your Tasks

Use powerful automations to automatically prioritize and assign queries from any channel and provide answers faster to customers.

Empower agents with all the tools needed to deliver a more human experience.

Gravis Apps Cloud Contact Center Software empowers your agents to focus on customers, not the technology enabling their interactions, to deliver exceptional service by connecting the touchpoints of a customer journey across time and channels.

Lower Your Costs and Improve Performance

Gravis Apps has the technology and experience to lower your costs and exceed your performance goals. We have solutions for any contact center application across all types of industries, including:

Inside Sales Teams

Improve agent efficiency, with up to three times (x3) more contacts per hour.

Inbound Care Teams

Give your customers a great experience that they’ll want to share.

Sales Professionals

Experience higher contacts and sales per hour and faster ramp-up times for new agents.


Improve recovery rates, while staying in compliance with all state and federal laws.

Lead Development Teams

Reach more leads per hour with the information your reps need to convert leads faster.


Automated dialers filter out no-answers and voicemails, allowing agents to make more contacts.

Providing the simplest solution for the most complex problem.

Gravis Apps also offers pre-built integrations for leading CRM systems, campaign management, automated dialing tools, and reporting capabilities that can help you drive your results to new heights.

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Amazing Customer Experiences

Over 100,000 customers worldwide trust Gravis Apps

Why Choose Gravis Apps?

Maximize your business potential and gain the advantage

Now more than ever, the contact center is the front door for many businesses.
At Gravis Apps, we are on a mission to help transform your contact center to meet customers’ heightened expectations while engaging and empowering your agents to deliver more human experiences.

Fast Integration

Our customers consistently tell us that the speed and ease of our deployments make us stand out from the competition. Your contact center can be up and running in days, not months, and you can easily scale as needed.

User Friendly

Unlike complex on-premise contact centers, Gravis Apps was created with the business user in mind. It’s easy enough to use that even non-techies can make changes, and intuitive enough that little-to-no training is required for your agents and supervisors.


Our subscription model allows you to pay only for the agents you need, when you need them, and on a monthly basis. You no longer have to overbuy to accommodate for predictive maximum capacity or seasonal peaks.


The Gravis Apps architecture is designed with firewalls, intrusion prevention, and a vulnerability management system to protect your data. Gravis Apps safeguards your infrastructure, applications, and operations against breaches and unforeseen events.


Let Our Clients Speak for Themselves

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

Joe Vondracek VP of Operations

Our Client Scorecards have improved substantially since moving to Gravis Apps Predictive Dialing. We leveraged their Managed Services which has helped us tremendously with best-practices and dialer strategy execution.

Natalie Joane Business Operations

AMAZING! The Gravis Apps Enhanced IVR cut our overhead expenses nearly in half, while finally enabling our contact center to field calls after-hours and act as a solid redundancy for our client audits. Wow… Just wow. Thank you Gravis Apps.

Sura Huber Call Center Operations

Gravis Apps reduced average speed to answer by 90 seconds, which dramatically increased our agent productivity and now we are leading on all of our client scorecards. I highly recommend Gravis Apps.


Frequently Ask Questions.

You have questions and we have experts available who have the experience to answer them.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is a telephony customer self-service system by which customers can get information and perform basic functions through the phone system without the aid of a live agent. IVR’s are often used for such purposes as checking an account balance, making a payment, or resetting a pin number.

A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that enables call center agents to dramatically increase their number of live connections. Predictive dialers connect agents only to calls that are actually answered by people, freeing agents from the need to listen to unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, or answers from fax machines, answering machines and other automatic services.

The manual dialers are the most basic form of call center dialers. They require agents to dial telephone numbers manually by referring to the contact list frequently. The agents even have to wait to see if the call is answered by a live person.

What is the difference of predictive Dialling and manual Dialling?
The most significant advantage of a predictive dialer is that it always connects an available agent only to a live person. A predictive dialer delivers better performance than a manual dialer in two ways. ... As against a manual dialer, a predictive dialer makes more calls and reduces the idle time of agents considerably.

Practical AI Solutions Save Time and Money While Improving Productivity

The possibilities of the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) across all industries and even our personal lives are endless. However, in the contact center you need solutions that will make an impact today. You need practical AI solutions that reduce costs while increasing productivity.


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